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DING Entertainment is a boutique production house. We are fans of Steve Jobs and much like him, want to put a Ding in the Universe. We’re the square pegs in Round holes. We love libraries and the smell of books. We love video games, movies, comic books and American Television. We love listening to stories as much as we enjoy telling them. So here we are. Doing just that.


Our Team

Tanveer Bookwala, Founder

Bollywood Junkie. Passionate Foodie. Comic Book Obsessed. Loves Lacing his Lines with Libido and writes books and movies with provocative titles. Ex, Chief Creative Officer, Balaji Motion Pictures, he comes with a decade of creative experience and enjoys off-kilter stories about prostitutes with superpowers.

Rakhee Sama, Head Of Commercials

With over 2 decades of Experience in Commercial Negotiations and Streamlining financial processes across commercial Real Estate in New York, she is now carving her niche into some impressive entertainment real estate She is responsible for leading DING through rough waters and is often the calm behind many impulsive creative storms.

Dipika Bajpai, Head of Development

From Bollywood journalism, to the back alleys of television production, she’s the most well read person you will meet. Her boundless intelligence and literary lusts, makes her the official Bibliophiliac in the company. Aside, her love of books, her imagination, fuels the interesting concepts that we produce.

Gaurav Vichare, Executive Producer

The man who has to actually make the steak from the sizzle we sell. A soft spoken man, defying the stereotype associated to the crowd. Loves impossible budgets, long walks on the beach (he’s from Pondicherry) and loves conversations about costs. Having executed more than a dozen off movies, all of them in cost, he lives to shoot.



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